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Review of Ten Thousand Days by C.D. Gallant-King (Michelle Reads)

Truth be told when my hubby picked up a copy of Gallant-King‘s 10k Days (yes I’m thinking of 10K from Z Nation as I type this), I read the description and immediately squirreled it away for myself, kindle and all.

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Flash Reviews (Michelle Reads)

I posted most of these reviews on goodreads. Many of my reviews will be short and to the point so I’ll usually list a few together like this every so often. Power Elements Of Story Structure (Power Elements Of Fiction

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Review of Ravens in the Sky by Will Bly (Michelle Reads)

I wrote this review awhile back, but as a family member I am unable to post it to amazon. At the time, I had just got finished reading the final proof of RITS and I was super excited about its

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Fantastic journey (A Fantasy Writer and Reader Prompt) #amreading (Michelle Reads)

  The Fantasy Readers and Writers Group challenged me with a question:  What do you like about / look for the most in fantasy books?   This prompt made me realize something: I haven’t read many fantasy books at all

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Raven’s Bane Preorder

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