Been busy… but progress is being made!

Hi all,

Ravens Bane IS being processed. Had an issue with funding and other consequences of life. We’ll be putting out a release date sooner than later, probably for this upcoming summer. If all goes as planned, you’ll have a fresh story about the trials and tribulations of Irulen, Kay, and the rest of our merry bunch in your hands when you hit the beach. Of course, no beach visit would be complete without bringing the dark, dreary, bitingly sarcastic and somehow hopeful world of ‘Ravens’ with you. We are also looking at expanding and re-branding ‘Creatures’ as fables or fairy tales. Describing the contents of this collection as “short stories” just doesn’t feel right. Plus we’re adding a fairy tale about a Tree — Hans Christian Anderson eat your heart out. We will also be removing my work from Amazon kindle select and onto other platforms such as Smashwords. My work will still be available on Amazon, just not exclusively so. Hope all is well. Thanks for your patience as we get this right.