Raven’s Bane (Dark Compass Book 2) posted for preorder

willbly-72dpi-1500x2000(1)It’s happening! Raven’s Bane will be released December 2, 2019. The manuscript was finished years ago, but we wanted to get it right. The third Dark Compass book is also in progress and coming along well. Raven’s Bane brings you back into the world of Irulen and his merry band to find them fractured from the events that took place during Ravens in the Sky. They have largely lost their faith and trust in each other. Quinn is missing, Kay has left, and it is up to Farah to pull the pieces back together. Along the way, they will meet a multitude of both new and familiar faces.

Meanwhile, we learn much, much more about Ithial, the man terrorizing them from the shadows. Ithial’s story is brought to light as his and Irulen’s paths rush headlong toward each other. The Crystal Caves await as does their destiny.