New Release – Social Distancing

“Social Distancing” are two words we’re all sick and tired of hearing, but when Anthony Black and I started developing our latest project they were just coming onto the scene. We were quick to realize there’s a level of shock to our collective cultural conscience that will be felt for years to come. We divided up all the themes impacting the world and plucked one from the mix. We’ll leave the theme for you, the reader, to decipher.

Suffice it to say, that whether one believes in the practice of social distancing or not, that there is something unnatural about it that humanity seems to universally acknowledge. We are social animals being taught not to be social, or to modify how we become social in a large way.

I’m blessed where I have a family, I have two kids and a wife to hug. What made me realize the severity of this issue is a friend of mine who commented that he “Hadn’t been hugged in three months”. It was a simple comment, but it hit me heavy.

While many areas move to open up and have begun the road back to normalcy, there remains a lot of people feeling isolated. As we bump off each other’s allotted space in the grocery stores, one must wonder when and how we will be able to get close again. Of course, many have opted to just jump right back in the thick of it such as the many parties that happened memorial day weekend. Thousands of protesters have filled streets of major cities for almost two weeks. Others deride such activities from afar, believing a problem is being exacerbated that will further keep them in silos for months to come. We’re not taking a stance here. We’re just acknowledging that the situation is and will remain polarizing. Most likely, most people fall somewhere in the middle of this spectrum.

The very thought of how dating might occur in a Covid-19 world is sobering. Social Distancing takes a closer look at this. Fast-forward sometime in the future where humanity has come face to face with a virus over a hundred times more devastating. Enter Travis and Olivia.

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