Top Ten Lists for

Recently finished a very fun job writing up ten “Top Ten Lists” for job included conceptualizing and researching my own material, which was a blast. I have since been commissioned to produce another batch of lists.

Here are the lists I wrote:

Top Ten Mistakenly Harmful Inventions

Top 10 Critically Endangered Animals (that you might not know about) (my wife helped on this one)

Top 10 Awe-Inspiring NASA Photos of Outer Space

Top 10 Breathtaking Natural Phenomena

Top 10 Least Explored Places in the World

Top 10 Creatures that Glow in the Dark (actually, Michelle wrote this one with my edits)

Top 10 Failed Adventures

Top 10 Most Interesting Geothermal Areas in the World

Top Ten Real World Miracles

Top Ten Unique Sites to Visit in New Zealand. (Of course, this one was based on my life experience.)