“Social Distancing” hits Amazon for 99 cents

The Plague has ravaged humanity in waves, mutating beyond every vaccine that’s ever been administered. In a fallen society, Travis and Olivia love each other. However, strict social rules prevent them from being together. They must now overcome fears and anxieties left by the losses of their families and friends. A choice must be made, and consequences await.

About a week ago, we announced a surprise release of a new short story, Social Distancing, on Smashwords. Tonight we’re happy to share that it just hit Amazon and is ready for your kindle.

We began work on this project during the early throws of the recent pandemic. What ensues is a story set in a future where humans log into drones to work, and live in solitary dwellings. Dating is done almost exclusively through Virtual Reality, and government-assigned AI keeps an eye on its citizens.

Please grab a copy at Amazon. Thank you for checking us out. We have lots of other ideas for this world!