Five Questions with Science-fiction Author Nathaniel DeZago

I find it hard enough to write while being the dad of two sons and a dog. Nathan is a dad to five kids. The challenge must be real, but nonetheless he finds the time to push out a science fiction book, Cries of Battle: Selstra Book 1. He’s known his calling for a long time gaining his associates and bachelors degrees in writing. We took recently took some time to get to know Nathan and hope you enjoy the answers to our questions as much as we did.

Tell us about your brand of writing and you as an author.

As a science fiction writer, I have been able to develop my voice of storytelling which hopefully brings to life a universe that is outside of our galaxy. I enjoy my writing, and the imagery that I translate onto a page speaks of a war that can only be touched by the reader’s own imagination through my interpretation. I have been working on the Cries of Battle series for over a decade, five books of penning the story before returning to book one and rehashing a rewrite that turned it over and cooked it until the edges were burnt from a plasma torpedo. 

How do you find the process of writing science fiction while living in a science fiction world?

Writing science fiction in a science fiction world is simple, become the inventor. Ignore the limitations of the world’s science and break any restraints of reality. The only real barriers of writing science fiction is a person’s imagination.

You’re a 5 year infantry veteran. I’d like to thank you for your service. Does your experience as a combat veteran influence your writing?

I had started writing book one before I had joined the military. My writing then had been sorely lacking in technical terminology and knowledge into a world of war. Three combat tours certainly changed the outlook and my ability to understand a “behind the scenes” look of an infantry unit. I would like to believe that my writing brings it to another level with the ground war of my rewrite.

I live in Florida. For the last couple of years. The space industry has thrived. What does this mean for the future of humanity?

Born in Naples, Florida, I have been able to watch the space shuttles launching. While I’m not sure that being so close inspired my own interest in science fiction, I do hope, with the industry “taking off” in the last few years, that there is a future for the non-scientists in space to enlist and explore what my genre has dubbed the “final frontier.”

What is your favorite local dish? 

As for a favorite local dish? I am a true American that enjoys all of the dishes that have been adopted by our melting pot culture. Myself with an Italian background loves a good pasta. Ravioli or angel hair are my favorites with a good Alfredo or marinara sauce.


Family man, Nathan, with his littlest

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