Getting back on track

So the world is still the opposite of what it should be, and Social Distancing seems to be a bit closer at hand. No surprises there.

I’ve been enduring a period of change and growth in my life, and so had to take a couple months off from writing. This said, I’m getting back to it. The characters introduced to us in Ravens in the Sky deserve for their origin story to be told.

You are the ones that often remind me of this.

I pride myself on being intrinsically motivated, but the truth it is often you that motivate me. Every time someone from somewhere reaches out about one of my stories, quotes my books, or leaves a thoughtful review, I realize that I still have a lot of pain and humor left to share with the world.

That’s the cool thing about writing books, and why I suggest it to everyone. You write it. It remains. It sustains. It gives back what you put into it, and then some.

The good news is that I left off Raven’s Brood on just about as high of note the story has reached to date. The story seems to have climaxed in the middle of the book.


But the second half of the book has an arc that will be equal parts intrigue, mystery, and probable devastation.

Looking forward to it!