Some minor updates

  1. Twitter sucks. I took a hiatus and at some point my account was hacked and subsequently banned. I provided twitter with the proof including the date it occurred, and they will not reinstate my account. OK Twitter. The platform blows for connecting to people anyway.
  2. Took a break I have been kicking the tires. The third Ravens book is still moving. This book will complete the trilogy. I also have a ton of open projects at any time including collaborations.
  3. Like most of you, times have been tough the past two years. It is difficult being creative in a crazy world. This is a lamentable paradox since people often cope with our crazy world by escaping into other crazy worlds made up by psychos like me. I imagine the supply is lagging behind the demand.
  4. So it is that I’ve picked up the sword once again and plan to finish a draft by Christmas.