Ethereal Princess submitted to writing contest.

John is arrogant, conceded, and the finest hero in the land. He raids his arch-enemy’s fortress, comes across a fair maiden, and promptly puts her to sleep with ether. To the victor goes the spoils?

I recently entered the short story Ethereal Princess into a writing contest at Humor, swordplay, and romance, Ethereal Princess is a satisfying adventure that doesn’t take itself too seriously. We began the contest 30 votes behind and are steadily making gains — currently #8 of 92 submissions. Not bad for a bit over a day’s work.

I can’t stress how important is to me if you take a moment to view the story and “like” it by selecting the heart on the bottom of the page. Feel free to review the works of the other authors as they all worked hard as well.

Thank you for your support! I’m happy to return the favor.

Will B

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