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Submitting the first three chapters of Ravens in the Sky to has been a blessing. The feedback has been nothing short of amazing and I appreciate any constructive criticism offered.

What they are saying

“I think the setting feels much like a character in itself and gives the story a certain gloomy, suspenseful tone.” Sareh Lovasen

“Devastatingly creative and powerful!” Caitlin E. Jones

“With a well thought-out magic system and a mysterious plot, this story had plenty to keep me interested.” A.R. Hellbender

“The author really touches on so many elements of the human condition in such a unique and creative way” Michelle Renee

“This is one of the best stories that I have read on this site so far.” Alex Rushmer

“You can immerse yourself in this world and Will Bly certainly has succeeded in marrying the fantasy and mystery genres.” Xenales

“The author presents a dark, savage world that is entreated by no typical protagonist—Irulen, a wizard investigator for hire, whose limited supply of power makes for an interesting dynamic and a plot ripe with potential.” Chaotic Evangelion

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