A meal for Mom

Maybe two days before she became completely bed-ridden, I sat nearby while mom rested on the couch. I spent a while working on the sequel to RITS and came across a spot that required a short description of a meal. Knowing full well she hadn’t been able to eat much for the past year I asked her to help set the table for my beloved characters to enjoy. We put our minds together and this is what we came up with. I will always remember sharing this mind-food with her. An addition came to me in a thought tonight, bake apples into the pig. Okay, Mom.

“But I haven’t told you what we’re cooking!” Said the newcomer with a laugh. “Sweet yams! Creamy potatoes! A charred wild boar cooked for a full day over a bed of moistened herbs and flavorful leaves! The pig is scored and stuffed with apples before roasting! Just wait until you bite into that crispy, sweet skin and tear into that sumptuous meat!”