Review of Ravens in the Sky by Will Bly (Michelle Reads)


I wrote this review awhile back, but as a family member I am unable to post it to amazon. At the time, I had just got finished reading the final proof of RITS and I was super excited about its completion. I had fun interpreting the story and sharing my thoughts on the characters. So proud of my hubby!! Here’s my review!!

Ravens in the Sky by Will Bly hooks you in from the first page and takes you on an adventure like no other. It is an engaging blend of fantasy and crime fiction with subplots within an over-arching story. The author really touches on so many elements of the human condition in such a unique and creative way. Guilt, revenge, love, regret, redemption…it’s all there. It’s so much more than just a fantasy novel; its a read on a deeper level. The characters are well-developed and you learn more and more about the depth of each one as you read on. I love that the hero in the story, Irulen, is so flawed, I found myself yelling at him sometimes and rooting for him at others. The female characters I found to be exceptional. You have Farah and Kay. Farah is young and innocent, but surprisingly strong-willed. Kay is older and more experienced in life and not afraid to go for what she wants. There is also Lynette who, like Kay, went through a traumatic past, but her past overtakes her where Kay redefines herself. It may take a bit to keep track of all the characters but once you let go and engulf yourself into the world that is RITS, you won’t regret it. Looking forward to this author’s next book.