Flash Reviews (Michelle Reads)

I posted most of these reviews on goodreads. Many of my reviews will be short and to the point so I’ll usually list a few together like this every so often.

Power Elements Of Story Structure (Power Elements Of Fiction Book 1) by Rebecca LuElla Miller

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This book is quite helpful, especially if you are a new writer just starting out (like me) or even if you are an experienced writer looking to fine tune your craft. Rebecca asks all the right questions to help you sort out your characters’ personalities and storylines. She explains clearly the do’s and don’ts of story writing. It’s a great guide!

At the End of Time, When the World Was New by Keanan Brand

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I really enjoyed this short story. It’s one of those deep, philosophical reads that catches you off guard. I wasn’t expecting the ending so I actually ended up rereading the story with more focus to catch all the subtle elements. The story had aspects of Adam and Eve which I thought was creatively executed in a post-apocalyptic world. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

F*ck You, Santa!: A Christmas Story by Will Bly

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Need a chuckle this holiday season? I’d recommend FU, Santa. Quick, funny, & surprisingly heartwarming. I had a lot of fun reading this Christmas short. I had even more fun listening to the reading by author CD Gallant-King. You can check it out on The GrimTidings Podcast.