Explore the darkness…

Ravens in the Sky (New Adult Audience)

Enter a world where noir mystery meets magic.

“…an engaging blend of fantasy and mystery fiction.”

Irulen is a mage who wanders the land investigating mysteries for a price. Compelled on a reluctant quest to find the truth behind recent events, Irulen and his raven companion, Max, are joined by an unlikely party.

Book 1 of Dark Compass Trilogy

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Creatures (Mature Audience)

“Think Aesop’s fables with an attitude”

Creatures_Final_72dpi_1500x2000 Creatures is a collection of short stories written for the suburban reader. These fantasies take place in our libraries, our back yards, our roads, our wineries, and in our minds.

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Consolation of the Rose (General Audience)

“Deeply powerful and touching”

consolation of the rose_ecoverFollowing a lost battle with cancer, a grieving husband is faced with a choice.

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F*ck You, Santa (Mature Audience)

“Twisted. Funny. A little gross. Strangely touching.”

Fuck you, santa 72Desperate to keep his parents from separating, Stanley appeals to Santa Claus for help. When his parents get divorced, Stanley holds Santa personally responsible. Comedy ensues as a plot for revenge is hatched.

Deeply rooted in holiday nostalgia, F*ck You, Santa! is a short comedy for adults who grew up loving the Christmas spirit. Best when read aloud and shared with friends.

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Ethereal Princess (General Audience)

Humor/Fantasy Short co-written with Anthony Black

“I feel as if I’ve been dropped in the middle of a world full of magic, machinery and strife.”

John is arrogant, conceited, and the finest hero in the land. He raids his arch-enemy’s fortress, encounters a fair maiden, and promptly steals her away. To the victor goes the spoils?

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Raven’s Bane


Book 2 of Dark Compass Trilogy

Codex of Threya

YA Fantasy


Sci-fi Novella

The God Rule

Sci-fi Short




New Short Story Collection!