Random update

So what’s going on?

Early feedback on Social Distancing, a collaborative work with friend and writer Anthony Black, has been great. We released it back in June, and since then the story seems to be fast on its way to becoming reality. We are working on another short story, a prequel to Social Distancing, but scheduling issues mean that we have caught a publishing snag. We’ll get there.

I recently wrote a story that was meant for Quinn to share in the third Dark Compass book, but it grew to be too long! So, I think it will be released as a separate, free story to serve as another entry point to the world of Ravens in the Sky, Raven’s Bane, and the third book now in development.

So how is the third book coming? Glad you asked. The draft is at 20k words and climbing steadily. Dark Compass Novels weigh in at about 80-90k words. With all that’s going on with my life, the best I can do is say that I add to it regularly. We’ll get there, too!