Creatures: A Collection of Short Stories has a surprise addition…

Consider the Pot Sweetened!
Last week I announced the pre-order for Creatures, a collection of 5 short stories that serve as an tribute to a word I’m fascinated with.

Creatures, by Will Bly
Creatures, by Will Bly

This week I want to let you know that we’ve added the first chapter  of Raven’s Bane to Creatures.


Not only will you enjoy my twisted creations, but you’ll be treated to the first view into the sequel to Ravens in the Sky (of which you can get a free e-book version through July). Darker, deeper, more disturbing… but maybe more hopeful?

So please, grab RITS for free, pre-order Creatures for a buck, and let me know what you think about the first chapter of Raven’s Bane!

Thank you for your contributions to the “diaper fund”!

Will B

Baby Bly coming October, 2016
Baby Bly coming October, 2016!