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Q & A with Ghouliana Stories

Ghouliana Stories (Bess Sturgis) writes tales for young readers that are spooky but not too scary. She is one of the hardest working writers I know and also one of the most optimistic. She is a champion of literacy for

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5 Questions with Author Robert Mullin

I recently had the pleasure of asking Robert Mullin a few questions. Robert is an author of Science Fiction and Fantasy, and is also a cryptozoologist who has been featured on the History Channel. A search for a living dinosaur

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5 Questions with Fantasy Author John Adcox

“…with the economics of publishing changing, it’s incredibly important for authors to be able to promote and market themselves.” I interview John Adcox and receive some of the most-detailed answers to date. We explore John’s varied background, relate his marketing

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Creatures: A Collection of Short Stories, pre-order and release date.

Creatures make us uneasy because they hold our insecurities and other nasty bits. Creatures: A Collection of Short Stories will be released for Kindle on July 15th. This collection is like nothing I’ve written before, very much experimental. I am

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5 Questions with Author C.D. Gallant-King

I recently sent C.D. Gallant-King a list of five questions. In his upcoming book, Hell Comes to Hogtown, a comic book nerd and a pro-wrestler try to clear their names in a kidnapping while evading a bloodthirsty demon hobo… THE

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5 Questions with Christian Fantasy Author Hope Ann

What follows is the first of many author interviews I’ll be posting throughout the summer. Hope Ann is a Christian Fantasy author and contributing member of Fantasy Writers and Readers Facebook Group. What are the challenges of being a devoutly

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Eff it! Why I (Sometimes) Write with Bad Words #Amwriting

Recently a conversation sparked up in the Fantasy Writers and Readers group. As with any such group, many people hold strong personal convictions about swearing and the use of bad words when writing fiction. Suffice it to say, as I

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#Review of “Pretty Deadly Vol 1: The Shrike” #Graphicnovel #Comics

The pace of the art and the narrative is intimidating at first, but the activity settles down after a few pages (only to spike again later on). The narrators are a butterfly and a rabbit skeleton — so that’s cool.

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#Review of Pride of Baghdad, #GraphicNovel. #bookreview

Pride of Baghdad is a graphic novel written by Brian K. Vaughan with art done by Niko Henrichon. Published in 2006, it is definitely a work of its time when the USA and America struggled to come to terms with

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