#Review of “Pretty Deadly Vol 1: The Shrike” #Graphicnovel #Comics

Three and a Half of Five Stars
Three and a Half of Five Stars

The pace of the art and the narrative is intimidating at first, but the activity settles down after a few pages (only to spike again later on). The narrators are a butterfly and a rabbit skeleton — so that’s cool. There’s also a talking crow, and as you might imagine, this perked things up a bit for me. It should be noted that there is a fair bit of sex and violence along with elements of horror. The characters are lively and evocative even if the randomness of the story tosses them around like a ship in a violent sea. Feminist themes run throughout the comic though not in an overbearing, militant way. I find the story borrows themes from Westerns about forgiveness and atonement to great effect.

Three and a Half/Five Stars. Characters are well-developed, Art is nice to look at, and reminds me of the art from Jing – King of the Bandits – The Complete Collection. Pretty Deadly‘s story moves fast, maybe too fast, and at times feels a bit directionless.

Pretty Deadly is food for the experienced Comic Book / Graphic Novel reader and not for newbies. Add a half star if you are into heavily into dominant female characters.